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We are presenting the only 100% seed oils prepared by ZERO PRESS™ Technology. This technology  and the Miron glass, which offers the best protection from the harmful effects light, will remain your oil fresh for 36 months stored at regular room temperature.

Butterfly effect

a phenomenon which has minor change in the initial condition of the system can lead to unexpected major changes in him.
Likewise, major changes in human life can lead seeming triviality ...

Andreas story.

Less than a decade after winning a gold medal on the horizontal bar at the Atlanta Games in 1996, Wecker was caught in the terrible grip of Chron’s disease, an incurable and sometimes fatal digestive illness.  For Andreas, the deadly effects of Crohn’s seemed all but inevitable.

When Andreas was hospitalized in 2005 after a fainting spell, he weighed a mere 84 pounds and had lost 80% of his blood volume.  His doctors had to perform 8 blood transfusions to save his life.  They informed him that it if his conditions did not improve—and fast—they would have to remove the majority of his intestines to keep him alive.

Fortunately, fate intervened to spare Andreas from this gruesome surgery.  The miracle began when a friend visited Wecker at the hospital and told him about the curative powers of seed oils.  His friend advised him to put off the radical intestine-removing surgery (the only option offered by conventional medicine), and buy a seed oil press instead. It sounded like a lot of work... but since Andreas was in such a desperate condition, he was willing to try pretty much anything!

He checked out of the hospital - and with the help of friends and family began consuming fresh pressed seed oils every single day and immediately began to get better!

Long story short - Andreas did NOT need any surgery at all - to the amazement of the doctors - and within weeks, he was able to stop taking ALL medication!

Andreas continued to regain his health and dramatically improved over the next few months.

This was a huge breakthrough for Andreas and for the rest of the world around him as he became deeply inspired to tell people about the power of the seed oils and how God had brought this to him in his most desperate hour.

In 2007, Andreas moved his family to California and started pressing seed oils to make a living. The problem was, he had to get the people to take the seed oils right away after they were pressed and he believed there had to be a way to press the seed oils where they would stay perfectly fresh for a long time.

He searched all over the internet and made many calls to Europe and even talked to the most advanced people in the industry and everyone told him - there is nothing you can do to press seed oils and keep them fresh!

Andreas refused to accept that as fact and kept on researching and studying every oil pressing technology in the world until something miraculous happened...

In April of 2009, Andreas woke up from a dream at 2 AM in the morning and was shown a perfect vision of the exact way to press seed oils perfectly. He quickly grabbed a pad of paper and drew an amazing picture of this equipment the way he was shown.

At the same time, Andreas was put in contact with a mechanical engineer in Germany who was very gifted in equipment design. They joined forces over the internet and 10 months later, they had the first machine operating in California.

This was the start of something that would change the entire seed oil pressing industry – the ZERO PRESS Technology.

ZERO PRESS™ Technology - allows the Oil to be extracted from seeds without "graduating" the pressed oil into a morphed state. This is CRUCIAL, because this proprietary process allows us to press pure seed oils that remain in their original, intact, or otherwise "virgin" state.

Andreas then established a successful company to produce and sell the seed oils of the best world´s quality.

After the success of the Andreas Seed Oils in the USA, Canada and the Western Europe, now these oils are coming also to the central European market.


For thousands of years, man has used seeds for culinary and medicinal purposes, enjoying their rich and distinctive flavors and health promoting compositions.

While you can consume seeds as part of your daily diet, enjoying...


Our customers had already the opportunity  to test and to see the effects of Andreas seed oils. Here you can find some positive reactions:

Flaxseed oil is to be ordered repeatedly for its ability to help in the fight with cancer and...